The Confederation

A Confederation – A Plethora of Tasks

The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund regional Confederation Herne-Gelsenkirchen registered society with about 3000 members, more than 500 employees, and the affiliated companies is one of the most important social associations of the Ruhr area in the western Germany.


The regional association is mainly committed to the apprenticeship of paramedics, disaster control organisation and rescue service in the central cities of its region, Herne and Gelsenkirchen.

The ASB crew on duty with their numerous ambulances are integrated into the emergency service of the fire department and they transport patients and injured persons.


Other special vehicles are used as school buses for disabled pupils. The ASB offers a house emergency call service that guarantees a connection to the central emergency station in Herne and Gelsenkirchen. Especially old people who live alone get the feeling of high security in their own home and, in case of an accident or an illness, they can get help immediately and easily.

The regional Confederation also has founded a society of professional care for seniors and mentally unbalanced persons getting a legal representative who takes charge for their affairs according to the law.

The organisation has its own academic foundation for education and knowledge which guarantees continuing advanced training for the employees according to the latest standards for care and education and it especially offers extensive further education to senior citizens in general abilities, for example in dealing with new media or appearing self-confident in public.

An important field of work of ASB regional Confederation Herne-Gelsenkirchen registered society is the stationary care of old people. In recent years, seven community and nursing homes have been built by the association and the affiliated companies of the Ruhr area.

These centres are lively centres of their cities connecting modern and therapeutic care with the latest educational and advice opportunities.

Additionally, the Confederation has created centres of care for young persons, persons with dementia and patients who are in constant need of artificial respiration in the towns of Herne, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund and Haltern.

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